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Tried of staring at the Teen section trying to solve the mystery of which books are mysteries?  I made a list.  A MYSTERIOUS LIST… Of mysteries!

Can you solve them all?


Owl knows what’s up.

Owl knows what’s up.

You ever like a book so much, you wanted to make it your staff recommends book?

Read all about it: http://thefirstdutyofastoryteller.blogspot.com/2014/06/staff-recommends.html

Looking for your next read or need a gift for a child?  Why not stop by your local bookstore and pick out one of my favorites? 

Here is my list of favorite childhood books that you’re still likely to find in-store:


Trend Alert! Bucket Lists are so big in teen books right now.

Check out my blog for full descriptions—these books make for some good reading.


Where was Paul Kasemir?

I am concerned.


How ATTWN is and isn’t like Nancy Drew.

Well… Thanks for that.  Had no idea this existed and now I’m watching the walkthrough.  Bwhahahaha! 


Sailor Jessica Rabbit. Wondercon sketch.


Sailor Jessica Rabbit. Wondercon sketch.

For those readers out there (and to people who follow me here for book stuff), especially if you’re into Teen/YA, I’ve started a blog where I’m going to do a bunch of book lists.  I’ll write about trends I see, books I recommend and so on…

The one I have up now is on hidden treasures—i.e. books I recommend all the time that are kind of hidden.

Thanks guys.


Can we discuss I still haven’t seen a gif set of Carl and Ellie from tonight’s episode of once! Did everyone miss that but me?